Kara Kilmer/Actress

Jon Seda/Actor

As an actor, there’s no greater challenge or reward than being able to use storytelling to spread awareness for some of the darkest areas of the human condition and some of the most resilient; in this case, domestic violence. There was such a strange juxtaposition during shooting, where I was playing a character who had zero support or advocacy in her world, while being surrounded by this artistic family with which I felt a deeply profound sense of fellowship and encouragement in my world. My hope is that this film will help other victims like Mary feel seen and heard, and connect them to a supportive and loving community that will come alongside them as they journey out of their darkness.”

Working on The Follower was a no brainer for me, this was more than just a passion project, this was an opportunity to be part of something truly special. This film speaks to so many individuals who unfortunately find themselves not knowing how or if they can change their situation. The goal of this project is to send the message that hope is not lost!” 

JP MCallister

When Patricia offered me the role of Ed in THE FOLLOWER, I couldn’t say yes fast enough! As a new actor, to have an opportunity to work with Patricia, some of the best crew around and top level actors was a dream come true. Then as the excitement wore down and the work began, I started to realize how impactful this project was going to be. I understood that we had the chance to really help people and that is when I started to feel truly proud to be a part of it all. I feel that it is important to believe in what we as actors and film makers do. I am incredibly thankful to Patricia for seeing something in me and giving me the opportunity.”

Will Eichler/Producer, Cinematographer

Coming on board as a Producer for “The Follower”  was an easy choice for me to make. Director Patricia Frontain and I had worked together for several years on network television shows. Her vision for using media as a way to both empower women and bring attention to those who suffer loss or need building up is plainly clear. It’s in her DNA. Supporting her as she takes stories and turns them into powerful advocacy pieces is a simple and, I hope, useful choice. I’m thrilled to help here and excited to see what is next!”